POETRY STREET was started by Susan Dingle and Robert A. Brown as a project for East End Arts’ JumpstART Program in 2014. Poetry Street thanks East End Arts, the Blue Duck Bakery, SUNY Southampton MFA Program, First Baptist Church of Riverhead and our community of poets and friends of poetry for their support.


Poetry Street on the road

In 2015 Poetry Street On the Road was born, to bring the power of spoken word into the community with events for the Anti-Bias Task Force of Southold Town, the Family Community Life Center, East End Voters Coalition, East End Arts Community Mosaic, the Riverhead Library and Alive on 25.

In 2017, Poetry Street marked our 3rd anniversary by filming 12 favorite poets who have featured at Poetry Street:

Maria Anderson, Miranda Beeson, Maggie Bloomfield, Robert A. “Bubbie” Brown, Susan Dingle, Diane Giardi, Russ Green, Steven Kramer, Melissa Longo, Tyler Allen Penny,  Julie Scarr, Chip Williford and Nina Yavel.

We thank Chip Williford for Cinematography and Susan Dingle for Artistic Direction. We thank the poets for allowing us to share their work with you.

EP. 5

EP. 4

EP. 3

EP. 2

EP. 1

We hope that you will enjoy their work, and join us at Poetry Street @ the Blue Duck Bakery Café, 309 E. Main Street, Riverhead on the 4th Sunday of the month from 2-4 pm, the room without a roof where every voice is heard…


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