Several years ago, I made a promise for the world: well-being, self-expression, and community for all people by 2020. Then the real 2020 showed up, with Covid 19 sending us all into quarantine. By May there were 100,000 casualties.


Then an unarmed black man, George Floyd, was murdered by police in Minneapolis. All over the world, people protested, as the demand for racial justice and equality far surpassed the fear of Covid 19. Racism was an even more deadly virus, and people were sick of it, protesting night after night, people of all ages and races becoming a community to affirm “Black Lives Matter.”


Back in 2016, as our nation entered this increasingly fragile time, my husband was becoming infirm. I was about to become a widow. Best I could do was stay sober, be a caregiver, pray and write poems. Sometimes God answers prayer with poems, using our gifts for His glory.  These poems on racism, sexism, homophobia, white privilege, social injustice, loss and trauma are my testimony and prophesy for these days.


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Suicide Prevention, For Friends Helping Friends


This article will train readers to recognize danger signs and intervene effectively when a friend or roommate is in danger of self-harm. Readers will learn three strategies to help a friend at risk: 1) practice reflective listening and compassionate neutrality; 2) form a safety plan; 3) carry out the plan by communicating effectively with family members and institutional helpers. With this training, readers will learn how to advocate for peers, and create a safety net for suicide prevention that will benefit their entire community.…READ MORE


In Pilgrim Drag

In Pilgrim Drag, forthcoming in September 2020 from Finishing Line Press can be pre-ordered here.


Pramila Venkateswaran, Suffolk County Poet Laureate 2013-2015, wrote of In Pilgrim Drag, “As we witness the poet confronting her history of whiteness, her personal losses, the injustice of the marginalized, and undertakes her journey of transformation, we are shocked with her into amazement at human fragility, the violence of faith, the awe-inspiring beauty of love and the “spirit bell” of ancient stone. Dingle’s superb lines resonate with us long after we have read her poems.”



Parting Gifts

Order Parting Gifts (published by Local Gems, January 2020) from the author through this website.

Of Parting Gifts, Julie Sheehan (Thaw; Orient Point; Bar Book) said, “When Susan Dingle gets her “Hallelujah ride” going, her sentences wrap around her lines with the jazzy grace of a preacher. This poet comes to praise, whether in a state pain or bliss, whether writing about illness and death, a magnolia bush, or the view during a walk where “houses unfold like accordion pleats / above the distant river." Even the morphine given to a dying beloved “shoots…like Christmas lights bubble bright colors.” With visions of such verve, how can we not join her song?”



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